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Online PhD Degree Programs; Online PhD in History

Online PhD in History – Course Background

An Online PhD in History is a very prestigious one. Prerequisites for a PhD in History program is a Master’s degree in History, a pre-qualifying exam, and completion of a TOEFL for foreign students. The course itself will take years of study, depending on the branch of history being studied. In general, European History students get their PhD earlier than those who study Latin American History or African History. Some online PhD degree programs will allow a student to get his degree much earlier, but the results of a degree beOnline PhD in Historystowed this way could be deemed “questionable”. Students are advised to consult the corresponding Historians’ Association about the online school’s accreditation before plunging into such an endeavor.

Online PhD in History – Job Prospects

In most cases, a PhD in History is awarded to archeologists, historians, teachers and other researchers – in other words, people who do academic work. Persons with doctoral degrees, otherwise known as professional degrees in history work as museum curators and artifact authenticators, edit and publish historical tomes, and do consulting jobs, among other things. However, in the field of History the distinction between an academic degree and a professional degree becomes blurred. Every professional in this field is essentially an academic and every academic could find work as a professional historian. The fact remains however, that one could expect to put in approximately 6-8 years of full time study in order to get a PhD in History or a Doctorate in History.

Online PhD in History – Branches

There are many branches of history and each branch has several sub-categories. Students are strongly advised to research on their chosen career paths before embarking on a quest for that terminal degree and students who find researching about the schools and courses repulsive are advised to desist – History after all is in itself, all about research work. The branches of History that are offered also by online PhD in History are: Ancient history, Public history, Art history, World history, Cultural history, Political history, Military history, Intellectual history and History of Science. In order to get a PhD in any of these branches, one must show complete grasp of the topic and the ability to conduct a successful research. Several online PhD degree programs are available for these courses and one could be fitted easily into one’s 9-5 work schedule.

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