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PhD Scholarships-Cardiff University

The Cardiff University is ranked as one of the leading Universities in UK. The university participates actively in imparting education and research. The university was started in 1883 with 12 departments and 150 students. Now the University has 27 schools and more than 25000 students from all over the world. Research has become an important part of the University. All the schools carry out research training programs for the students and the university has more than 1800 research contracts each year. Students who wish to pursue research in the area of natural, physical, health, life and social sciences; engineering and technology can do so in the Cardiff University. The University supports its research students through PhD scholarships.

The president’s research scholarships are the most prestigious awards for the students at Cardiff University. Students who possess a first class honors degree can avail these scholarships. This scholarship was announced in order to attract new talented students who want to work in a challenging and well-resourced research environment. all the students who are awarded with the President’s scholarship receive the highest training and support in their research. The university has made these PhD scholarships available in some subject areas after considering a number of key factors. Each of the research areas where these President’s scholarships are available to support excellence in research. The subject areas where currently the President’s scholarship programs are available are:

  1. Bioimaging – the scholarships are available all year round on a rolling basis
  2. Cardiff research into advanced neuroimaging methods- the last date for application is 14th April 2012.
  3. Drug Discovery: from the best science to commercial development – the scholarships are available on rolling basis.
  4. Engineering Infrastructure for 2020- six projects are available in this subject area.
  5. Immunology and infection- two projects were available but now only one project is open till March
  6. Cardiff catalysis Institute

There are additional funding opportunities present in the university from internal as well as external sources.  The ESRC wales doctoral studentship are available to help the students. The subject areas where students can apply are :

  1. Language based area studies- the last date to apply is 15th April
  2. Habit discontinuity and travel choices- the last date is 30th April
  3. Public health Research – the last date is 10th April

The AHRC studentships are also available for the research scholars in the University. This scholarship covers the tuition fee and a maintenance grant of 13590GBP. This PhD scholarship program is available for both the new students as well as the students who have already completed a part of their PhD program.

Besides these scholarships the various schools of the University offers funded PhD project for the students. Cardiff school of Chemistry offers postgraduate studentship opportunities in all areas of chemistry. The students are required to work full-time for their research work. Most of the scholarships available in the school of chemistry cover the tuition fee and an annual stipend.

Cardiff School of Engineering is offering PhD scholarship programs for many projects for the current academic year. The projects are:

  1. Gas insulated lines using CF3I mixtures- the project will start from 1st October 2012
  2. PhD project on Magnetic sensors- one scholarship is available for this area
  3. Electrical and mechanical characterization of carbon composite material
  4. Development of novel techniques for the assessment of inter-laminar resistance in transformer and reactor cores

Students can apply all year round till the positions are filled. The scholarship will cover the tuition fee and an annual maintenance grant of 13590GBP. All the students from the UK, EU and overseas students are free to apply for these PhD scholarships. The international students will be required to cover the difference in the tuition fee as it will be awarded at the UK / EU rate. Students can apply for the scholarship at the time of submitting their application for the PhD program.

Cardiff school of History, Archaeology and Religion also offer partial PhD scholarships for its students. There are 7 scholarships available for the academic year. The scholarship will cover the tuition fee only.The students in this school can also apply for the Research Council awards. The students who want to apply for the studentship are required to submit an application form with a research proposal of not more than 1000 words. The research proposal should be able to communicate their potential and interest in the research. The last date for submission of the application is 15th July. The students will be selected on the basis of their academic excellence and research proposal by the Postgraduate Studentship Committee. The successful candidates will be informed by August.

Cardiff School of Psychology is the largest department in the UK and hence commands a special place in the research community. Cardiff school of psychology is also offering funded PhD scholarship for the research project on Combining Neurostimulation and Neuroimaging to study Human Sensory Function. The last date for application is 14th April 2012. The candidates must possess first class honors or Master’s degree with distinction in physics, engineering, bio-engineering, physiology, Neuroscience, psychology, maths, computer science or genetics and statistics.The number of scholarships available varies each year and are available in all related fields of Psychology. The scholarships cover the course fee, annual stipend of 13590GBP and a travel allowance of 200GBP. The course commences on 1st October. The scholarship is open to all the students. There is no separate application form and all the students who apply for admission to the School will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

Cardiff School of Music also offers PhD scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. These scholarships are not awarded in conjunction with any other scholarship. The scholarship covers the tuition fees at the UK / EU rate only. The students who wish to be considered for the scholarship are required to indicate on their application form.

Cardiff Business school is known in the world for its research programs. The research covers all the areas of business management. The subject areas where funded PhD programs are available are as follows:

1.     Accounting and finance

2.     Economics

3.     Human Resource Management

4.     Logistics and Operations Management

5.     Marketing and strategy

The Research Assessment Exercise in 2008 ranked the Cardiff Business School 4th among all the business schools in the UK. 70% of the research conducted at the business school was considered to be of international standards. The Business School offers a number of PhD scholarship programs for the students applying each year. The closing date for application of the scholarship program is usually in March.

The scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of the applications and supporting documents submitted and the academic achievement of the students. The overseas students are required to submit a proof of their English proficiency along with the application form. The successful candidates are informed accordingly.

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