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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Mexico

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation of Universities in Mexico

While Mexico has taken steps in recent years to align its higher education system with global standards through educational reforms, foreign students who want to enroll in online PhD programs still need to carefully choose the higher education institution they will take it from. There are still many HEIs who have very poor academic standards, and the country has no national accreditation system. There are, however, many government and non-governmental bodies that seek to ensure quality control for higher education by implementing their own evaluation and accreditation processes.

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation Process in Mexico

Higher education in Mexico is mainly delivered through autonomous public universities which have the right to create their own academic programs. However, degree programs offered by private universities need to individually have an RVOE, which represents official recognition by the Ministry of Education. The MOE also recognizes COPAES and CIEES, two bodies which accredit and evaluate the academic programs of both public and private HEIs; COPAES publishes a list of accredited programs on its website.

FIMPES is an organization of Mexican HEIs that aims to uplift the standards of its member-institutions. The voluntary accreditation system promoted by FIMPES is currently the only one generally recognized as comparable to that used by American regional accreditation agencies.

Online PhD Programs and Foreign Students

Foreign students wishing to take online PhD Degree programs should check to see if they are listed in the Padron Nacional de Postgrado (PNP) website, which lists postgraduate degree programs that have been recognized for their high academic standards by the MOE and the National Council for Science and Technology or CONACyT. This listing means that such online PhD programs will be recognized as qualifications for employment, job advancement or as a prerequisite for pursuing advanced studies.

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