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Online PhD UK- Professional Doctorate in Engineering

Professional Doctorate in Engineering – Key Points

Today our blog about Online PhD UK will discus about Professional Doctorate in Engineering. People with professional careers in Engineering will definitely enrich their stance even further with a Professional Doctorate degree in the said field. Individuals who have taken up their Master’s Degree in Engineering to help them advance in their current jobs as well as gain more skills sets will definitely benefit from a doctorate degree.

For those planning to take up further studies in Engineering, the initial requirements are two Honour’s Degree with relevant working experience in the industrial setting. Professional Doctorate students are expected to spend seventy five percent of their time being supervised by their appointed supervisor to work in the industrial field. They have the option to take a single research project or perhaps take a portfolio of projects that will require lots of research.

Professional Doctorate in Engineering – Course Outline

Cost, time scales, management of personnel are just some of the factors for consideration in the research projects that will require engineering solutions. Aside from these activities, students are expected to attend taught courses that will cover theoretical technical subjects and professional development. The students are also expected to visit with their industrial supervisor at least once a month. They need to attend lectures and seminars within 2-8 weeks in a year. This degree may be taken up within 4 years and is not available for part-time students.

Studying for a Professional Doctorate in Engineering can be very beneficial for your credentials. Employers will definitely take into consideration the additional trainings you have and can consider you for a higher post or promotions. If you are interested in doing your PhD in Engineering in near future than must read our articles about University of Southampton offering Professional Doctorate in Civil Engineering. Also check London South Bank University offering professional doctorate in engineering science and the built environment.

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