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Online PhD Degree Programs -Accreditation of Australian Universities

If you want to sign up for online PhD degrees from an Australian educational institution, you must check first to see if it is an authorized higher education provider to ensure that the qualifications you earn will be recognized. Authorized providers are established or recognized under the laws of the Commonwealth, State, the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory and are subject to quality and accountability requirements. Guidelines are set out under a quality assurance framework for higher education that includes the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA).

The Australian Qualifications Framework defines the hierarchy of qualifications granted by educational institutions in the country, organized by sector – schools, vocational and technical training and higher education. The AQF is administered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, and qualifications given outside this system are generally not recognized by employers. The AQF website provides a list of registered higher education and training providers and the accredited qualifications they are authorized to offer, including online PhD degrees.

You should also check if the institution offering online PhD degrees that you are interested in has a positive audit report from the Australian Universities Quality Agency. The AUQA is a non-profit, independent agency that oversees, evaluates and reports on quality assurance in the Australian higher education sector. AQUA undertakes audits every five years to determine the success of Australian universities in meeting and maintaining quality standards for higher education. The audits are based on the university’s own self-assessment and on-site visits by an audit panel; audit reports are posted on the AUQA website.

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