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Online PhD Degree Programs – Doctor of Computer Science

Doctor of Computer Science – Qualifications

A Doctor of Computer Science (DSc.Comp) degree is an exciting choice for those pursuing distance PhD programs.

Doctor of Computer Science University of Teesside

It is a research doctorate that requires the candidate to undertake both coursework and a research project that ideally, extends the theory and practice of Computer Science as well as contributing to professional knowledge in the field. Professionals with a DSc.Comp resolve issues related to hardware and software which result from current or emerging computer technologies.

Fields Of Study

Fields of study in DSC.Comp may include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Systems analysis, Hardware Engineering, Networking and Administration and Computer Engineering. Coursework may encompass subjects such as Computer Engineering, Computer Mathematics, Microprocessor Science and Logic Circuits.

Entry Requirements – Doctor of Computer Science

General qualifications to pursue DSc.Comp online PhD degree programs include a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Management or a related field and several years of professional experience in a related field. Candidates may also be asked to submit letters of recommendation from employers or professors as well as an essay of intent explaining their goals for entering the program. Doctoral candidates will also be required to produce a dissertation or final project that contributes to the overall body of knowledge in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Career Opportunities – Doctor of Computer Science

Doctor of Computer Science University of Wales Institute, CardiffDSC.Comp graduates of on-campus and online PhD degree programs will have a broad field of career opportunities to choose from. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that IT and online career prospects for doctorate holders will grow by more than 20% by 2014, as the use of more advanced computer technologies increases. Career possibilities include programming, online and Internet technologies and LAN/WAN servicing. Earnings for a Doctor of Computer Science averaged $93,050 a year as of 2005.


Universities offering PhD in computer science include University of Wales Institute in Cardiff (UWIC), Teesside University and Columbia University in the City of New York.

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