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134 International PhD Scholarships at University of Leeds UK for 2017-18

This article provides an insight into PhD scholarships opportunities provided by various Departments of University of Leeds UK in 2017-18.

University of Leeds – Background

Ranked by the Sunday Times as the 2017 University of the Year, the University of Leeds was established in 1904 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It was once part of Yorkshire College of medicine but later became part of Leeds School of medicine. It is important to indicate that University of Leeds is a founding member of the Russell group (redbrick). Today this research intensive university is home to over 31,000 students.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

In the Session of 2017-18, University of Leeds will award over 134 PhD scholarships to the most qualified students and because it is expected that students devote the majority of their time to their doctoral research, some include a respectable monthly living expenses stipend. Applicants wishing to receive these scholarships should ensure all necessary documents are delivered before the due date, as all deadlines are final. In the session of 2017-18, University is offering many funding opportunities through its various departments. However it is important to mention that all funding opportunities will be awarded on merit.

Please read the next section carefully, we are providing a quick review of main PhD Scholarships made available at University Leeds in 2017-18.

74 PhD Scholarships – Biological & Medical Sciences:

  • Unravelling the mechanisms of host-pathogen signalling by chemical proteomics
  • Detection and quantification of stroke biomarkers using novel sensors
  • Organoid and Single Cell Models of Bladder Cancer

54 PhD Scholarships –Engineering:

  • Fabrication of Novel Metal-Polymer Nanocomposite Particles
  • Organoid and Single Cell Models of Bladder Cancer

35 PhD Scholarships –Math and Computing:

  • Modelling general mechanisms driving evolution in natural populations
  • Modeling quantum dynamics in molecular photo switches

9 PhD Scholarships – Business and Finance:

  • Mathematical models of human behaviour (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics)

70 PhD Scholarships – Chemical Sciences:

  • Non-equilibrium phase transitions in non-Newtonian fluids
  • Synthetic strategies for production of carbohydrate vaccines

22 PhD Scholarships –Earth Sciences:

  • The co-benefits of low carbon cities to Asian air quality
  • Molecular Shocks in the Interstellar Medium

14 PhD Scholarships –Humanities:

  • The impacts of semi-natural woodland on flooding in the UK

1 PhD Scholarships – Law:

  • Postgraduate Research Opportunities in Law

68 PhD Scholarships – Physical Sciences:

  • Characterisation of X-domains – proteins with likely importance in biomass processing
  • The kinetics of astrochemical and planetary reactions studied at very low temperatures

29 PhD Scholarships – Social Sciences and Health:

  • The impact of HENRY and identification of barriers of healthy family behaviours
  • Peer Interaction for Learning, Assessment, Feedback and Confidence in Undergraduate Physics.

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