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First Meeting with Your PhD Supervisor

Online PhD and Supervision

Primarily speaking, both PhD supervisor and PhD candidate differ from one another making their relationships rich in peculiarities and distinctions. This is why both should establish a strong relationship in order to be successful in each of their undertakings.

The variables of personal or businesslike relationship behavior and the task behavior are significant styles in supervising online PhD research. In the businesslike behavior you and your supervisor will agree on how your research should be done, its design, the progress of its analysis, its writing process, and its publication strategies. Personal behavior, on the other hand, you and your supervisor tend to focus more on your personal issues. Your supervisor will try to know or already knows everything about your personal characteristics and circumstances. It can be noted that task behavior is minimal to supervisors due to insufficient time and energy and lots of activities to attend to. However, there are two kinds of substantial relationship between you and your supervisor namely a process orientation and a product orientation. Bear in mind that your relationship with your supervisor is dependent on maturity, independence, communication abilities and styles, expertise, ability to articulate wishes, motivation and commitment.

Online PhD and Supervisory Role

The low intensity and businesslike supervisors get doctoral degree projects and are usually approached for this purpose out of their prestige in financing projects, but they do not have enough time to be fully involved in supervising research papers. The low intensity, but personal supervisors usually know you as their former student with whom they have friendly relationship. They will help you start your PhD through personal meetings at home or any places outside your work area. The higher intensity, businesslike, and process-centered supervisors are considered experts who keep their distance from you as much as possible. Their role in your online PhD research is to improve your work and guide you in to grow as scientists. They can be categorized as directors, innovators, coordinators, and brokers. The higher intensity, more personal, and process-oriented coaches or supervisors are significant in your growth, but not that much associated with your PhD job. They are more concerned on your personality work rather than the exact content of your work. They actually focus on your performance styles in public, motivate you to attend presentation training courses, and take doctoral degree examinations. The higher intensity, businesslike, and product-oriented quality controllers or supervisors emphasize on your written materials and judge them based on their scientific quality. They will encourage you to prefer for the most reputable and well-established publication as well as the most influential conference in your chosen online PhD. The higher intensity, more personal, and process-oriented editors or supervisors commit their time and energy in correcting your mistakes with emphasis on language, spelling, and communication. They will try to spend extra effort to have better understanding for your inadequacy.

Meanwhile, online PhD candidates also differ in their culture and dynamics. They are categorized as independent, businesslike, personal-interest or interactive, those having student-supervisor chemistry, those with departmental culture, and those who prefer personal relationship.

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