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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Poland

Online PhD Programs and Universities in Poland

After the breakup of the USSR, Poland found itself having to make sweeping changes in its higher educational system, which included ensuring the quality of institutions and degree programs through an accreditation system. University accreditation is the mandate of the University Accreditation Committee, which determines and sets quality standards for instruction in specific degree programs, including online PhD programs, and creates an accreditation system for such programs. University accreditation (also known as degree accreditation) is a purely voluntary process. Preconditions for accreditation include the establishment of a system of self-evaluation, implementation of the European Credit Transfer System and improvement of teaching standards.

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation Process

The accreditation process begins when at least five universities have submitted applications for particular degree programs or distance PhD programs. The relevant Accreditation Committee convenes a group of experts to draft teaching quality standards for the program, when these are accepted, the process begins with on-site visits to see if the preconditions have been met and adopted standards fulfilled.

Online PhD Programs and University Accreditation Committee

The experts then submit a detailed report to the University Accreditation Committee, which submits a final report to the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities recommending that the application be either approved or denied. Accreditation is granted on a five-year basis. Accreditation Committees covering specific types of higher education institutions, such as those for Pedagogical Schools and Technical Universities, have also been convened.

Poland’s moves to upgrade its education at the institutional level have resulted in its universities’ online PhD programs offerings becoming more likely to be accepted by countries abroad.

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