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Online PhD Degree Programs; Accreditation of South African Universities

Online PhD Degree Programs and South African Universities

Busy people can get their post graduate degrees without regularly attending classes at universities with online PhD degree programs. Not all of these programs, however, would be recognized. Only those online PhD programs offered by educational institutions that have gone through and passed proper accreditation procedures are recognized. Accreditation entails going through a series of tests and evaluation processes that ensure that services and operational procedures of particular educational institutions or programs are at par with applicable standards. Educational accreditation for higher education is usually conducted by the government. There are countries, however, where independent private membership associations are tasked with the responsibility of accrediting higher education facilities and programs.

As far as South African Universities are concerned, the responsibility of accrediting South African Universities for online PhD degree programs lies in the South African National Accreditation System or SANAS. SANAS is also a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and the International Accreditation Forum. This body has been recognized by the South African government as a national accreditation body that oversees test facilities in quality assurance and standardization initiatives.

A SANAS accreditation is a testament to a particular educational institution’s or program’s capacity to provide certification that meets internationally recognized standards. This means that a South African University that has been accredited by SANAS would be able to give certifications that would be recognized as equivalent to those issued by organizations from other countries that have likewise been accredited by their own national accreditation bodies. Getting a PhD degree from a South African University online program that has been accredited by SANAS would merit the same weight in the international community as any other PhD degree earned from other accredited educational institutions elsewhere in the world.

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