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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Globalization, Work and Labor

The forces of globalization have not only shrunk the world, they have transformed the lives of workers, for better or for worse. If you would like to do research on just how globalization has affected global workers, why not undertake a research degree in Globalization, Work and Labor? A research degree on this subject would qualify you for a career as a consultant with multinational corporations or a staff position with international non-government organizations such as the International Labor Organization. Enrolling in online PhD degree programs would allow you to manage both your career and your personal life while working on your research.

General requirements for admission in online PhD degree programs in Globalization, Work and Labor are a Master’s degree in a related subject area although relevant work experience may also be considered as a prerequisite for admission. If the applicant does not have these qualifications, they may be asked to complete a Master’s of Philosophy (MPhil) before applying to the research program. They must also provide a detailed summary of their research proposal for assessment by the admissions committee. Possible research topics include migrant workers, contractualization and other flexible employment schemes and trade unionization.

Scholars in online PhD degree programs are required to write a research paper of not more than 100,000 words and not less than 60,000 based on original research which makes a significant contribution to the greater understanding of the paper’s subject area. While doctorate candidates earning their degree through an online learning modality can complete their coursework through written assignments, they will be required to appear on campus to orally defend their dissertation before an evaluation committee; only after they have successfully defended it will they be awarded their research degree.

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