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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Database Management

Online PhD in Database Management – Background

There has always been a strong demand for information technology professionals, and the higher your qualifications, the greater your career opportunities will be. Earning a doctorate in database management is the highest qualification you can earn in the information technology field and allows you to pick from a wide range of careers. You can go on to work in academia as a university professor who produces original research, teaches undergraduate courses and oversees an academic research laboratory, or you can find a job in the corporate sector, directing research and development or taking on a senior management post. Alternatively, you can also become a freelance consultant.

Online PhD in Database Management – Universities and Colleges

If you are currently employed, you don’t have to quit your job to earn your degree; there are many online PhD in Database Management programs from accredited colleges and universities that will allow you to work on your doctorate on a part-time basis and with little or no campus residency requirements. You can take Online PhD in Database management in the following areas: Management Information Systems, Database Management, Decision Sciences or Information Science and Technology. You can also consider earning an applied doctorate degree which will award you the titles of Doctor of Science (DSc), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Management (D.Mgt).

Online PhD in Database Management – Prerequisites

General prerequisites for Online PhD in Database Management include at least an undergraduate degree in a subject area related to computer information systems; a certain amount of work experience in the field may also be considered as a condition for entry into the program.

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