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PhD Admission Guidelines with Overseas Qualifications in UK

It is a fact that studying in one of the universities in UK gives you credibility than graduates from other schools. Many universities here are offering courses for students coming from the other countries. If you are one of these students who plan to study here, you should probably check out the following overseas qualifications before you can be admitted for your preferred online PhD.

  • The initial step you have to do is to conduct a thorough research of the universities where you are applying for your PhD. You need to ensure whether the qualification you obtained from your own country is acceptable in these schools or not so that your application will not be rejected. This happens oftentimes to first timers since some of the top, reputable universities here have high standards when it comes to their admission qualification.
  • Keep in mind that earning traditional PhD in this country may primarily require a 2(i) degree or a 2(ii) with an equitable Masters Degree. The second highest obtainable mark in British Honours is the British 2(i) or the Upper Second Class Honours Degree or a Two-One degree, which is equivalent to the Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.3 in the U.S. Foreign students from Asian countries are usually required to attain 2(i) marks in their respective degrees apart from their masters degree from a remarkable college or university.
  • It is advisable that you contact your preferred university’s research departments for your subject interest. There is a possibility that the department may intend to admit students having lower or higher qualifications depending on the subject you want to pursue as well as the number of applications that you received. There certainly is flexibility if you are a self-supporting student. However, the admission criteria and qualifications may be more rigid and tough for students in search of scholarships to finance their PhD studies.
  • Take note that most of the universities in UK are admitting standard qualifications for Asian students, but this will vary depending on the recognition received by the college or university where you graduated. A Masters Degree here would serve as the minimum requirement other than your bachelor’s degree. You may also visit the website of these countries for details on their qualification standards of various countries as well as their equivalent in the UK standard.
  • Try to check other external institutions for more advice should you feel that your chosen university failed to provide you with the right details on your PhD qualifications. UK NARIC provides expert opinion on academic, vocational, and professional skills and qualifications. Eric-Naric offers information on recognizing foreign degrees, diplomas, and other doctoral degree program qualifications. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) manage the applications to courses in higher education in the country. The British Council provides direct guidance as well as assistance in your admission application for your doctoral degree, either traditional or online, into your most preferred university in UK.

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