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PhD Scholarships-University Of Edinburgh

The UK Research Assessment Exercise ranked the University of Edinburgh as one of the topmost universities in research. It recognized the researches of the university o be amongst the world leading. The university was also ranked as one of the world’s top 20 Universities according to Times Higher Education’s international league table. These awards and recognition show that the University has been contributing towards making of individuals who are leaders and masters of their field. The world class faculty of the University contributes to its research and training programs. The university recognizes the importance of its scholars and thus offers them PhD scholarship to overcome their financial barrier and contribute to the world-class researches.

The University of Edinburg is known for its research in Informatics. There are 7 institutes, which contribute to the research in informatics within the University.

  1. Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation
  2. Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications
  3. Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
  4. Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation
  5. Informatics Life-Sciences Institute
  6. Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour
  7. Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science

Each institute manages a funding portfolio and has a world Class faculty who contributes to the world-class research in informatics. The PhD program is structured in a manner to bring out the potential of the candidates as a researcher in the field. The duration of the program is 36 months for a full time scholar and ranges 48-72 months for a part-time scholar. The annual cost of a PhD program includes the tuition fee, living expenses and the additional costs of the program. The University offers funding for the students in form of PhD scholarships.

There are 50 scholarships offered by the University for its research students. Most of these PhD scholarships offer full support, which covers all the expense of the course. The scholarship is opened for all the students national as well as international. The scholarship covers the tuition fees and an annual stipend of 13590 GBP to cover the living expenses and the additional costs of the PhD program. The PhD students can earn an extra 500-1000GBP by contributing in teaching. There are other funding options available for students according to subject in which they want to carry out their research work. The deadlines of most of the scholarship are not defined but it is recommended to apply early because the University receives numerous applications for availing the scholarships. It is important to note that each of the above mentioned institute has various Research topics under School of Informatics but research candidates are very welcome to propose a topic.

Any student who has received the offer letter of the University to pursue the research program can apply for the PhD scholarship. The scholarship programs are awarded to meritorious students only. There are separate form to apply for these scholarships however for some subjects you can indicate your preference on the application form of the PhD program. The admission process for the University takes place in two rounds, the first completes in the January and the second in March. Students who wish to apply for the PhD program and the scholarship can do so by submitting their application forms to the University by 31st March 2012. There are seven institutes from which the students can select the research subjects. The candidates for scholarships will be selected on the basis of their academic excellence and the research proposal submitted by them along with the application form.

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