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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Rehabilitation

Online PhD in Rehabilitation- Key Points

If you are a health care professional who is working in occupational therapy or a related field, and you would like to become more involved with developing new therapies to help patients with disabilities, why not take a research degree in Rehabilitation Science? Medical professionals with advanced degrees in Rehabilitation Science are qualified for administrative positions with pharmaceutical and health care companies, as well as hospitals and government health agencies. Enrolling in online PhD in Rehabilitation with specialization allows you to work on your degree without having to give up your career to pursue studies full time.

online PhD in Rehabilitation How to Qualify

To qualify for online PhD programs in Rehabilitation Science, candidates must be licensed occupational therapists who are accredited to work in all states; admissions committees may also consider relevant work experience as a prerequisite for entry into the program. They should also have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science or a related subject area; if they do not have this qualification they may be asked to complete a Master’s degree program before being allowed to apply for a research degree. If they are foreign students, they will also be asked to demonstrate proficiency in the English language by earning high grades in the TOEFL or other evaluation tests.

Once they have qualified for online PhD in Rehabilitation, scholars are required to undertake an original investigation into a subject area related to Rehabilitation Science and to produce a dissertation that makes an original contribution to the subject area’s body of knowledge. The scholar must also appear on-campus to orally defend his dissertation before an evaluation committee; the degree will be awarded after a successful defense.


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