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11 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at Coventry University UK

The Coventry University is a public university of research located within Coventry, England. The school was originally established in 1970 as a polytechnic school and later became a university in 1992. The school awards a large range of programs and is one of the largest universities within the country. The Coventry University seeks to enroll over 27,000 students annually.

These PhD scholarships are all awarded through the Coventry University for doctoral studies. These scholarship opportunities are highly prestigious and are awarded to the most fitting candidates for doctoral research. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded based off of both academic and personal merit.

These PhD scholarships award full coverage of tuition fees. Recipients are also awarded a generous annual stipend in the amount of £13,863. This stipend is tax free and is intended for the usage as a living allowance while recipients focus on their full time studies. These PhD scholarships are intended to last for the duration of three years. This is the amount of time needed to complete a full time doctoral research program.


  • Applicants are required to submit a full academic CV for consideration. This is to include all previous academic transcripts and academic awards received. In additional applicants must submit a completed research proposal for consideration.
  • Applicants must be dedicated and able to complete their doctoral programs within the three year time period that these scholarships allow. Funding will not be extended past three academic years.
  • International applicants are allowed to apply with the understanding that they will have to pay additional charges that are not covered within the boundaries of the scholarship program. These charges include things such as health insurance, travel expenses, and various other expenses. International applicants must also comply with all requirements including language assessment requirements if applicable.

Unless stated otherwise it is to be assumed that these PhD scholarships all have open deadlines. It is important to remember that the earlier a submission is made the more time that the university has to consider the offer. Applicants should also note that the academic year starts in September and applicants wishing to start must apply before the start of the academic year to be able to participate in that academic year.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a list of the fully funded PhD scholarships available at the Coventry University.

The Faculty of Engineering and Computing: This department provides 5 PhD scholarships for applicants at the university.

  • Virtual Proving Grounds
  • Supporting and Understanding Changes in Domestic Energy Behavior
  • Supply Chain Scheduling Faculties of Engineering and Computing at the Coventry University
  • Cost Effective On Demand Quality Control for NHS- Radiotherapy

Sustainable Simulations and Optimizations Algorithms for Numerical Computerized Matching Technology

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