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Online PhD Degree Programs – Boston University

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Boston University – Background

Founded in 1839, Boston University continues to be one of the best universities not only in the United States, but in the whole world as well. In fact, in 2006, Newsweek ranked Boston University as the 35th best school in the United States and the 65th best in the world.

Online PhD Degree Programs at Boston University

Now, you can get the same top-rated education from Boston University even if you are living or working from halfway around the world through the Boston University Online. The Online PhD Degree Programs by Boston University are some of the best in the globe.

Doctor of Musical Arts and Music Education

Take for example the Doctor of Musical Arts, Music Education under the College of Fine Arts. Learning and teaching music requires theoretical know-how and passions. If you want to be an exceptional Music educator, then you will get the best guidance from the faculty of Boston University because they are respected music educators, music theorists and musicologists themselves. There are 11 courses you will have to take to finish this program. Once you finish this degree, you will become a more equipped musical educator because you will learn new teaching methodologies, gain background from the music of other cultures, and become a better researcher.

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Another one of the Online PhD Degree Programs by Boston University offers is the Doctor of Occupational Therapy. Many disabled people rely on occupational therapists to be able to maximize their skills despite their conditions. Once you complete this online doctoral degree in Boston University, you will gain more confidence from your patients because they know you can handle their cases well.

Doctor of Mechanical Engineering

If you are doing a bachelor or Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, you can get a golden opportunity to apply for various micro fields of Mechanical Engineering including Biomechanics, Materials,Thermofluid Sciences and many more. Duration of this program is 5 years. Each Student must spent two consecutive regular semesters at Boston University to satisfy residency requirement for this Program.

Doctor of Social Work

The online PhD in Social Work at Boston University USA is mainly developed for Social and welfare workers to understand and tackle social problem in human societies.  This PhD program consists 14 core subjects with final dissertation. The minimum residency requirement for this PhD is 4 consecutive semesters at Boston University.


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