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118 International PhD Scholarships at University of Bath UK for 2017-18

University of Bath – Background

In 1966, the University of Bath received its Royal Charter. What was once a technical school back when it first opened its doors in 1856, is now a research school. The 2015 results of The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey showed the University of Bath for student experience rated the best in Britain. Adding another trophy in 20011/12, been given the title of University of the Year.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

118 PhD scholarships are available to the most qualified students at The University of Bath. Understanding the research involved is very intense. While many of scholarship are given tuition waivers, fully funded and stipend, helping with expenses you accrue while completing your doctorate. Most of the PhD scholarships are open to international students as well. Although they need to understand the stipend are strictly for domestic students. Meaning, international students should look into financial assistance for areas the scholarship does not cover. Read all the terms and conditions of each scholarship completely. Each one is different. No application submitted after the deadline date will be considered. If you are planning on applying, get the application in as soon as you possibly can. These scholarship openings fill up fast.

Please read below a quick review of some of the Doctorate scholarship opportunities made available at University of Bath UK for 2017-18.

67 PhD Scholarships –Engineering:

  • Integrating Blue-Space into Energy-Efficient Urban Design
  • Protein assemblies on graphene and other two-dimensional nanomaterials

33 PhD Scholarships –Math and Computing:

  • Cache Effects on the Efficiency of Distributed Systems
  • Gaze Interaction Using Video Cameras

3 PhD Scholarships –Arts:

  • Integrating Blue-Space into Energy-Efficient Urban Design

42 PhD ScholarshipsBiological & Medical Sciences:

  • Adaptiveand non-adaptive processes in gene regulatory network evolution

1 PhD Scholarships – Business and Finance:

  • 45 ESRC Fully Funded PhD Studentships

39 PhD Scholarships – Chemical Sciences:

  • Radio-Frequency Heating of Catalysts for Sustainable Chemical Reactions
  • Protein assemblies on graphene and other two-dimensional nanomaterials

18 PhD Scholarships –Earth Sciences:

  • Electrostatic Detection of Lightning and Transient Luminous Events
  • Mathematical models of microbial community dynamics

3 PhD Scholarships –Humanities:

Scholarships and Funding options under Existing programs in University of Bath

45 PhD Scholarships – Physical Sciences:

  • Smart sensors in water supply and sewer networks

17 PhD Scholarships – Social Sciences and Health:

  • Research investigating employer hiring stratification


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