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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Industrial Engineering

Online PhD in Industrial Engineering – an Overview

Industrial engineers are the managers of the engineering field, since their work focuses on the interaction between people and industrial processes. They may also design new production processes to make manufacturing more efficient and thus, more profitable for the company. Industrial engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that may encompass disciplines such as operations management, systems analysis and business administration. If you are already working as an engineer and you would like to upgrade your qualifications so you can find a career in this exciting field, then you might want to earn an advanced degree by enrolling in Online PhD in Industrial Engineering.

Degrees – Online PhD in Industrial Engineering

There are two possible doctorates you can earn in Industrial Engineering – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) which emphasizes original scholarship or Doctor of Engineering (DEng) which focuses more on applied research; both degrees, however, are equivalent.

Career Options – Online PhD in Industrial Engineering

Doctorate holders in Industrial Engineering can have careers in the academic field as professors or the heads of university research programs, or in the private sector as members of the research and development teams of major corporations. Graduates may also opt to become freelance consultants rather than taking on full-time positions. Earning a doctorate through distance PhD programs allows professional engineers to juggle busy careers and personal responsibilities while working on their degrees at their own pace.

Academic advisers for engineers taking Online PhD in Industrial Engineering usually advise them to make the subject of their dissertation an applied research project that may have practical application in their places of work. Since they will have to orally defend their research paper, candidates must also expect a brief campus residency while they are preparing for their defense.

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