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Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Kent UK

The University of Kent is a plate glass research based university located within Kent, UK. The university is comprised of many smaller campuses throughout the United Kingdom. The university is a part of many prestigious university lists and ranks respectively in education and student satisfaction. The public university was first established in 1965 and has expanded to house over 20,000 applicants annually.

These PhD scholarships are awarded to candidates who have chosen to study at the University of Kent. These scholarships are intended to help provide financial assistance for full time doctoral students. These PhD scholarships are awarded based on personal and academic merit and are highly competitive scholarship programs. Recipients of these scholarship programs will be expected to undertake research at the university as well as use the experience to better their future careers and research dissertations.

This PhD scholarship scheme covers tuition rates for domestic applicants. International applicants are encouraged to apply for the scholarships with the understanding that there will be additional expenses that they are required to pay. These scholarship schemes also provide generous living allowances for applicants. The tenure of these PhD scholarships normally last for a maximum duration of 3-5 years. This is the time on average that it takes to complete a full time doctoral program.


  • Applicants are required to submit their completed research proposals for consideration. These research proposals will help the university make an informed decision regarding the student’s chances of being awarded a scholarship.
  • International applicants are welcome to apply with the understanding that there will be some additional expenses that must be covered. The international applicant will need to ensure additional tuition help, visa fees, and health insurance that is required to applicants. International applicants will also have to comply with language assessment requirements if applicable

Unless it is stated otherwise it is important to remember that these scholarships all have open deadlines. This means that applications can be submitted at any time prior to the start of the program. The earlier the submission the more time that the university has to consider offering the individual a scholarship opportunity.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a list of all the PhD scholarship opportunities that are presented to candidates at the University of Kent.

The School of Bioscience: This department provides one PhD scholarship for qualified applicants

  • Single Molecule Dynamics in DNA Repairing: Deadline 31st of October.

The School of Social Policy, Social Research, and Sociology: This department provides two PhD scholarships for qualified applicants.

  • Cultural and Global Criminology: Deadline 12th of January
  • Quantitative Social Policies, Sociology, and Criminology: Deadline 31st of January

Non Specified PhD Scholarships: The University provides two non-specified PhD scholarships for applicants studying at the university.

  • Community Care
  • Applied Psychology

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