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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Education

Online PhD in Education – Background and Fields

In Online PhD in Education Programs, the highest degree available in terms of educational attainment can be confusing. As in most terminal degrees for a certain field, there are two types of doctorate-level degrees; one that focuses on theory and research and one the focuses on the practice or practical aspects of the field.

Online PhD in Education University of Calgary Arch However, in PhD Education Programs, there is also an Education Specialist (EdS) degree. The confusion resides in the fact that while an EdS is a degree that sits between a Master’s Degree and a doctorate degree, it is somehow the terminal degree of that specialization and can therefore be considered a doctorate degree.

The highest degree in the field of Education that focuses on theory and research is the PhD in Education, and the Doctorate of Education (EdD) focuses on the teaching practice and administration of schools. To expound on this, it would be easier to think that in Education, a PhD is given to someone who studies the theory of teaching, and an EdD is given to someone who studies to become a better teacher or higher school official.

Online PhD in Education Texas A M UniversityAn EdS, on the other hand, is a study on the theory of teaching that focuses specifically on the how-to of teaching, making it a cross between the other two. An EdS holder will most likely end up teaching and should normally lead to an EdD, but since an EdS usually concentrates in only one field of specialization, it becomes the highest degree available in that specialization – which in essence, is the definition of a PhD education.

Areas of Specialization – Online PhD in Education

There are several areas of specialization in PhD Education, it offer most of the same courses but not all fields of specialization will give the student the desired degree. For example, one can get a PhD or an EdD in Adult Education but it is not an EdS. It would therefore be best to explore the many areas of specialization in the field of Education before committing to an online PhD in Education.

Currently there are several Distance and traditional universities offering various fields of PhD in Education, please read about University of Calgray, offering Doctor of Education (EdD) or read the article about Texas A&M University offering Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Psychology.

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