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69 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Oxford UK

The University of Oxford is a prestigious research university located within Oxford, England. It is unclear the original date that the university began but it is known that by the year 1096 classes existed. This information constitutes that the University of Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university is prestigious working in close partnership with the University of Cambridge. The university sees over 22,000 students annually.

The University of Oxford is renowned for its research opportunities and strives to provide PhD scholarship opportunities for research students within their school. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and only the most fitting students will be awarded scholarships. These scholarships are awarded for academic merit.

These scholarships cover the full cost of the domestic tuition fee at the university. International applicants will still be considered if evidence of additional funding is confirmed. These scholarships also offer generous stipends to be used for living expenses, travel, and other miscellaneous expenses. The tenure of these scholarships is intended to last for the full duration of a full time doctoral program. These programs on average last 3-4 years. Unless otherwise stated it is to be assumed that these scholarships have open deadlines.

The List of PhD Scholarships

Below is a list of all the different faculties and departments that are offering PhD scholarships within the school. Listed with them are also a few of the individual PhD scholarship opportunities.

Atomic and Laser Physics: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

Department of Biochemistry: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

Department of Computer Science: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

Department of Engineering Science: This department provides 3 PhD scholarships.

Department of Materials: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

Department of Oncology: This department provides 14 PhD scholarships

  • Developing SPECT and PET Imaging Agents
  • Hypoxia Transcriptome Deciphering in Breast Cancer

Department of Plant Science: This department provides 16 scholarship opportunities

  • Tissue and Cell Specific Metabolic Flux in Plants: Deadline 21st of November.
  • Chloroplast Bio-Genesis Regulation and Mechanisms of Protein Transports: Deadline 21st of November.

Department of Zoology: This department provides 10 PhD scholarship opportunities.

  • Social Evolution and Cooperation
  • Ecological Networking Understanding the Dynamics, Structure, and Function

The Doctoral Training Centres: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology: This department provides one scholarship opportunity.

The Mathematical Institute: This department provides 2 scholarships

The MRC Functional Genomics Unit: This department provides 8 PhD scholarships.

The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science: This department provides 1 scholarship.

The Said Business School: This department provides 1 scholarship.

The Sir William Dunn School of Pathology: This department provides 19 PhD scholarships.

  • Analysis of the Molecular Breakdown of Cilia, Centrosomes, and Centrioles: Deadline 9th of January
  • DNA Replication and Gene Stability: Deadline 9th of January

Non-Specified PhD Scholarships: This department provides 8 scholarships.

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