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Preparing Your First Research Proposal

Research proposal has been regarded a vital part of an application for a PhD degree program. For this reason, you need to ensure in your application that the subject matter you wish to pursue is covered by the staff of the university by reading the school’s brochure or prospectus or by checking out the individual profiles of the staff. You may also delve into the research interest of the staff by reading paper from the research working papers archive of the school.

Take note that a proposal normally contains 1500 and 2000 words and have the elements of a research proposal that includes its introduction and theoretical framework, problem statement, study objective, literature review, questions and/or hypotheses, methods and procedure, limitations and delimitations, study significance, references, and appendix.

It is advisable that you use additional information sources as additional background when you begin your proposal work. It points out that some of the material can be true since each of the laboratories differs. Note that most people are prepared to propose their research after publishing a paper on a subject matter that you would wish to pursue. You should also pass your investment. Bear in mind that you will can only defend your thesis not until seven months after defending your proposal. You have to take into consideration on doing your proposal even though you are not yet ready.

It is suggested that you write your thesis daily as your proposal is a lengthy written work. It notes that finding examples of thesis proposals is difficult as they are considered internal department documents. In response to this predicament, it is best if you consult and discuss with the other graduate students in your laboratory to search for samples of thesis proposals. Remember that dissertations are easy to find although thesis proposals are not. There is no need for you to read everything about the dissertations so long as you take a look at their introduction and table of contents sections. This suggests that your proposal should include an appropriate background as well as an introduction section to make it attractive to your adviser and readers. This will provide you a hint on what you should include in your thesis and what will your adviser or supervisor and readers expect from you. It will also help convince your committee that you have enough knowledge on your chosen field to research enabling you to move on to your thesis.

Never forget to give your PhD research proposal to your committee at least a week prior to your defense schedule. You have to offer a practice discussion of your proposal in front of the other students to get feedback on your presentation.

On the day of your PhD research proposal defense, you are expected to arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the set time of your defense, provide your committee with an email reminder, get a laptop, get some food, prepare a data projector, and bring paper for notes.

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