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111 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is a public research university located within Norwich, Norfolk. The university has been prestigiously ranked high amongst academic institutes as well as student satisfaction ratings. The university was established in 1963 making it one of the younger universities within the United Kingdom. The University of East Anglia successfully attracts 17,000 applicants.

The PhD scholarships provided through the University of East Anglia are all highly competitive doctoral scholarships. They are awarded for a combination of academic and professional merit and cover a large majority of program costs.

These scholarships offer tuition fee waivers for domestic tuition rates. International applicants will still be considered if they can ensure additional funding for the difference in tuition rates. These PhD scholarships also offer a generous stipend that is to be applied towards living expenses acquired while participating in the full time doctoral program. These PhD scholarships are intended to cover full time doctoral studies which is 3-4 years.

Unless stated otherwise it is to be assumed that the deadline for these PhD scholarships are open. It is important to remember that the earlier the application is received the more consideration it will be awarded.

The List of PhD Scholarship

Below is a list of the departments and faculties that are awarding PhD scholarships within the University of East Anglia. Also listed are some of the scholarship opportunities.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: The department provides 2 scholarships.

The School of Biological Science: The department provides 71 scholarships

  • The Twist on Flowers
  • Genome Yeast Mining
  • Getting to the Root of the Problems: Integrating Immune Growth and Response
  • Healthier Crop Through Less Fertilization
  • Plant Response to Aphid Attacks
  • Gene Plant Shaping
  • Plant Immune Receptors

The School of Chemistry: The department provides 15 PhD scholarships.

  • Quantum Dynamics to Photo-Chemical Reactions
  • Biomimetic Metal Complexes
  • Hydrogen Chemistry Related to Mono

The School of Computer Science: The department provides 3 scholarships.

The School of Environmental Science: The department provides 11 PhD scholarships.

  • Jet Characteristics in Lower Atmosphere
  • Grassroots Innovations for Sustainable Consumption
  • Human Activity Impact on Oxidizing Capacities in the Atmosphere

The School of Mathematics: The department provides 1 PhD scholarship.

The School of Pharmacy: The department provides 7 scholarships.

  • Bacteria and Obesity Utilizing Dietary Fibre to Improve Lipid Metabolism
  • Pharmaceutical Care for Dementia Patients
  • Molecular Mechanism Behind Dieting

Non Specified: The University provides 1 non specified PhD scholarship.

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