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148 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at University of Southampton UK for 2016-17

This article provides PhD scholarship information from the University of Southampton.

The University of Southampton is a public university that specializes in research. The university has its main campus in Southampton, England. The university is a founding member of the prestigious research group named the Russell Group. The university was awarded status in 1952 and enrolls over 23,000 students during the academic school year.

The PhD Scholarships

The university has reserved 148 PhD scholarships for competent applicants. These PhD scholarships are exceedingly competitive and only the most qualified students will be considered for the award.

Each of these scholarships offers to pay for tuition and some offer a generous stipend to help cover additional expenses. Students should presume to commit the majority of their time to these PhD programs and/or research projects. Failure to uphold suitable conduct or educational presentation could result in the student being discharged from the program. International students are encouraged to apply, but should also seek supplementary financial assistance because these scholarships do not always provide stipends for international students. If the program provides international stipends then no other financial assistance is needed.

Deadlines are absolute. Students desiring to be considered for these PhD scholarships should have everything submitted before deadline. Late entries will not be evaluated.

PhD scholarships are offered in all of the following disciplines, the named scholarships are just some of the PhD scholarships that are available for award:

  • Biological and Medical Science: There 41 are scholarships available.
    • Constraining the Global Nitrogen Cycle With the Use of Nitrate Dual Isotopes
    • Regulation of Embryo Endocytosis – Mechanisms to Help Overcome Inadequate Maternal Nutrition Providing Vital Long Term Health Benefits
  • Business and Finance: There is 1 scholarship available.
    • Economics of Immigration in the United Kingdom
  • Chemical Science: There are 57 scholarships available.
    • New Methods for Free Energy Calculations Based on the Large Scale First Principle of Quantum Mechanics
    • The Chemical Biology Approach to Identifying and Developing Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Communication
  • Earth Science: There are 33 scholarships available.
    • The Role of Siberian Taiga in Feedback for Global Warming
    • Testing Models for Island Bio-Diversity in the South Pacific
  • Engineering: There are 93 scholarships available.
    • Data Mining Approach to Predicting Surface Roughness Drag in Turbulent Flow
    • Automatic Code Generating for Computational Science
  • Humanities: There are 20 scholarships available.
    • Does Attitude Towards Equity Influence How People Distribute Resources for Environmental Changes
    • The Life Course of Same Sex Parent Adoptees and the Context of Social and Legal Roles
  • Math and Computing: There are 63 scholarships available.
    • Large Scale Generations of the Density Functional Theory
    • High Performance Computing Micro Magnets
  • Physical Science: There are 79 scholarships available.
    • Efficient Simulations for X-Ray Scattering
    • Modelling Plasma Kinetics in Miniature Pulsed Plasma Thrusters
  • Social Science and Health: There are 32 scholarships available.
    • Testing the Icelandic Refugium Hypothesis from the Last Glacial Cycle Using Palaeolimnological Technique
    • An Infection Prevention- The Material Geographies of Cleaning

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