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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Immunology

Health care professionals who want to shift careers to a more lucrative field should consider earning a doctorate degree in Immunology. Immunology is the branch of biomedical science that is concerned with how the immune system works. Immunologists with advanced qualifications can go on to successful jobs with pharmaceutical companies, academic research laboratories and hospitals. Enrolling in Online PhD in Immunology allows you to juggle professional and personal responsibilities while working on your research degree.

Applicants for distance PhD in Immunology are generally expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in a biological science subject, or have equivalent medical, dental or veterinary academic or work qualifications. The applicant should also demonstrate the ability to conduct advanced research as well as the capability to complete the program. Foreign students who come from non-English speaking countries may be required to provide evidence of proficiency in English through high scores in evaluation examinations such as the TOEFL. Upon successfully applying, scholars are required to submit an outline of their research proposal, which will help the university select the appropriate thesis advisers for them based on commonality of research interests.

After enrolling in Online PhD in Immunology, the candidate is expected to conduct original research leading to a dissertation that makes an original contribution to a deeper understanding of the paper’s subject area. While the student may complete any required coursework purely through distance learning, they must be on-campus to defend their dissertation orally after they have submitted it; they are only awarded the degree after a successful defense.

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