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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Universities in Italy

Online PhD Degree Programs and Universities in Italy

Higher education in Italy is undergoing radical change as a result of its accession to the principles of the Bologna process. The country is now seeking to upgrade its academic standards to make their programs comparable with the rest of Europe. What this means for those taking online PhD degree programs from Italian universities is that these have a greater chance of being recognized in the student’s home country. In the wake of the reorganization of the higher education system, the government also launched a system of accreditation of university-level degree programs in 2001, to ensure the quality of academic offerings. Only accredited programs would be eligible to receive financial support from the Ministry of Education (MUIR).

Online PhD Programs and Accreditation Process

Accreditation is a combination of self-assessment by the university and evaluation by an external accrediting body. Approval of degree programs, including online PhD degree programs, is a four-stage process. The university draws up institutional teaching regulations (RDA), as well as regulations for each degree program. Consultations are held between the university and the evaluating body, as well as other concerned groups. Finally, if the process is successful, the RDAs, which are the legal bases for starting new degree programs, are approved.

Online PhD Programs and Accredited Programs in Italy

There are also specific accreditation programs for particular institutions and programs. For example, the Conferenza dei Presidi delle Facoltà di Ingegneria Italiane is the accrediting body for Italian Schools of Engineering. Italy’s focus on upgrading the quality of its higher education system raises the value of degrees earned through online PhD degree programs, since these have undergone strict quality control.

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