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Online PhD Degree Programs; Accreditation of Portuguese Universities

Online PhD Degree Programs and Portuguese Universities

It is now possible to get a PhD degree through online programs rather than through the traditional way of attending university classes. These programs involve the completion of various requirements, mostly consisting of researches and published works, within a particular course and schedule. Mentoring is also often part of these online PhD degree programs. While this affords most post-graduate students some amount of convenience, it is still important to scrutinize the educational institution offering the online programs before finally deciding to take a particular online program.

The proper accreditation of these online PhD programs is imperative if a graduate is to gain recognition for his accomplishment. It is the accreditation of the educational institution and degree program that lends credibility to the conferment of the degree to a student who completes all the requirements whether through online or through conventional programs.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation Process for Portuguese Universities

Portuguese Universities have a central state-run accreditation body that takes care of ensuring that the educational standards of higher education institutions meet international standards, particularly those of the European Union. It was only in 2007 when the Portuguese government took part in the Bologna process and established the Agencia de Acreditacao as a state-managed accreditation agency.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Bologna Process

This is a shift from the previous system of sectoral or association-wide professional accreditation and degree recognition called Ordens Profissionais. There are Ordems for particular specialized fields like medicine, engineering, accounting, and law. Students who have completed the required education credits and fulfilled degree requirements in accredited educational institutions were admitted in these professional orders. There are, however, quite a number of courses that are not recognized because they lack the necessary accreditation. It was only after the educational reforms brought by the Bologna process when degrees awarded by a larger number of educational systems including online PhD degree programs were accepted and recognized by the professional orders and the state-managed accreditation agencies.

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