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Your Failed PhD Examination and Appeals

The final submission as well as examination of your thesis usually represents a peak of your achievement in PhD. But just as in any other levels of education, failing grade or assessment is also present in your thesis examination. This does not mean that your years of hard work just to complete your research will be put into waste since you are entitled for an appeal should you fail in your doctoral degree examination.

You may have little notion on what you should expect when you make an appeal for your PhD thesis. You may be expected to get complete information and aid when negotiating. You may even to receive an offer of independent appeal adviser services as there are appeals that involve supervisory malpractice. You may even hope that matters can be managed promptly as an appeal could become stressful and you may expect to be considered by the university.

You can appeal to arrange a meeting with the department head and graduate advisor to discuss the available options for your appeal. Spend time to talk to and discuss with your department. It notes the bargaining chip in your thesis is the challenges between the student and the supervisory committee. Either of these you will not be invited again and need not to return to that department. Don’t worry because you can still leave having some things you opt to have.

Take into account that external examiners may have a number of comments right after you have presented your thesis or dissertation, either through defense or viva voce. Consider the flexibility of the standards required by the examiners, which involves the establishment of goalposts regarding it as your last moment.

You have to prevent the adoption of a combative position and make sure that you have essential guidance provided that it is just and fair. You just have to be prepared through university correspondence, conversation with other students who underwent appeals too, and participation to an assertiveness training course. You may salvage a master’s degree or try to enter into a different university.

Checkout whether your advisor will require you conditional passes that are standardized and are beneficial in dealing with your weakness in some areas. The key here is to arrange an in-depth discussion with your advisor and to consult someone who is highly regarded as an expert in the same field of study in certain PhD department at another college or university.  You have to make a description of your courses and failures as well as the reasons given for your comp failures with someone you don’t know much. This someone is knowledgeable on determining whether your department was normal in a study field that is considered harsh or was a mess of the internal squabbling in which people seemed a failure, but with a lot better sense when compared to the random people with regard to the next step you have to or perhaps you should do.

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