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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Classical Studies

Online PhD in Classical Studies – Background

Studying the classics is not only intellectually satisfying; it can also give you deeper insights into today’s society and culture. If you would like to undertake advanced research into how ancient culture has impacted on our lives today, why not enroll in Online PhD in Classical Studies? A research degree in this field will qualify you to become a professor or instructor at a top university or for administrative positions with public-sector historical preservation agencies. And earning your degree through a part-time program will allow you to complete it at your own pace while still managing your career and personal responsibilities.

Online PhD in Classical Studies – Admission Criteria

Students applying for online PhD degree programs in Classical Studies are generally required to have a Master’s degree in a related subject area; if they don’t have the required qualifications, they are asked to complete a Master of Arts (MA) program before being evaluated for entry into the doctorate program. They must also submit a detailed research proposal which will be evaluated by the admissions commission; it will also be used in assigning thesis advisers who have common research interests.

Once they are accepted into Online PhD in Classical Studies, scholars will conduct original research, guided by their academic advisers, which is geared towards the production of a dissertation that will make an original contribution to the body of knowledge in the subject area. Although part-time students may complete any necessary coursework online, they are required to be available on-campus to orally defend their dissertation before an evaluation committee; they will be awarded the degree only after a successful defense.

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