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Online PhD UK- Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology – Background Details

Training in the field of Clinical Psychology can be taken to the next level through Professional Doctorate courses on this field. If you are a practicing clinical psychologist, this will enrich your qualifications as well as knowledge and skills on working with clients.

Course Outline – Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Students undergoing this program are expected to finish the said course either on a 6 year or 3 year time period. The modules are taught in between one to two weeks of teaching blocks. There is also one day per week courses that are available through the placement periods.

Within this period, students of Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology are expected to submit case studies, complete course works, do research projects and reports to fulfil all the requirements of their course. Since the main objective of this course is to train clinical psychologists to perform work for the NHS, students will be taught different skill sets to be assessed at the end of the program.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology – After Completion

At the end of the course, students are expected to develop their skills in research, therapy, counselling and organizational knowledge to make reflective practitioners in the field in the future. And since this course aims to train individuals in the NHS setting, successful applicants are granted some opportunities to work as paid employees of the NHS on a fixed 3-year contract.

If you want to further your career in Clinical Psychology then the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is definitely for you. You will not only advance your career but you will also learn more on your chosen field as well as gain credentials that will be beneficial in the future.

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