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Online PhD Programs – Online PhD in European Studies

Online PhD in European Studies – Background Information

An online PhD in European studies is composed of several interdisciplinary areas that you can choose from. The program is also open for online applications for cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and multi disciplinary researches about Europe.

Course Duration

The duration of the distance program in European studies when done full time usually last for three years. When done in a part time basis, which can be available in some universities by demand, duration of the program will last for four years or more.

Online PhD in European Studies – Course Structure

An online PhD program is usually structured into three broad themes that you also need to choose from; European identities and ideas, European political economy, and European governance and politics. These three themes will serve as provided guidelines that can help you focus on a certain topic.


In order to be recognized as an eligible candidate for this program, you must first possess an honors degree with a ratio of 2:1 in your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree related to European studies. Applications should also be sealed together with two application references and a proposed research project.


A more in depth focus on the development of European integration is something that you can acquire during the completion of the program which makes a PhD in European studies important. The program is also important since it opens up new career opportunities that you can be successful in once you finish the program.

Online PhD in European Studies and Future Job Prospects

After finishing online PhD in European studies program, you can pursue several careers related to European cultural studies, Sociology, politics, law, history, public administration, European languages, economics, and several others.

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