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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Sociology

Online PhD in Sociology – Background Facts

Online PhD in Sociology University of SurreyFascinated with the study of culture and human behavior? Well, if you want to take what you’ve learned even further then you should certainly consider parting in one of the many online PhD in Sociology.


Full time students could finish the course within 4 years whilst part-time students, including those who are enrolled in distance PhD programs, would take longer, around 5-6 years depending on your ability to pass the requirements.

Course Structure – Online PhD in Sociology

Of course, as a doctoral student, you would be asked to choose a specialization. Some of the specializations that fall under sociology include the following: demography, gender, labor, education, criminology, family, political sociology, ethnicity and race and organizations amongst others.


Contrary to popular belief, distance degree programs are actually widely recognized and accredited by various educational institutions. They might be non-traditional but the quality of education is certainly not compromised.


But why should you get a PhD in the first place? Well, there are many benefits to having a doctoral degree. Besides taking your learning one step further, it should also open up plenty of career opportunities for you. It would also give you an advantage when it comes to securing higher positions in the industry. After all, people would value the knowledge that you can contribute to that particular industry.

Future Job Prospects for Online PhD in Sociology

Online PhD in Sociology Manchester Metropolitan UniversityWhat career options are available to you if you finish one a doctorate in Sociology? Well, jobs within this field can be very diverse. You can opt to work in human service organizations, research agencies or you can choose to work independently as a contract researcher or try your hand in the academic field. All of which should be available to you if you give online PhD in Sociology a try.

Universities –

If you looking for accredited universities for above PhD course, read our article about University of Surrey or check University of Manchester.

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