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208 Fully Funded International and National PhD Scholarships at University of Glasgow UK for 2016-17

This article provides information about PhD scholarships at the University of Glasgow.

The University of Glasgow is one of the largest public research universities within the entirety of Scotland. It is amongst the top five oldest living universities in the English speaking world. The original school was founded roughly around 1451. The university boasts having graduated two prime ministers, a Nobel laureates, and quite a few professionals in various science and medical fields. The University of Glasgow accommodates over 24,000 students every academic year.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Glasgow is awarding PhD applicants with the opportunity to partake in research projects sponsored through several PhD scholarships. These PhD scholarships are competitive and scholarships will be awarded to the applicants that prove academic value and validate their future potential.

These PhD scholarships are intended to offer financial assistance with tuition fees for all students awarded a PhD scholarship. In some cases, stipends are awarded to national students for the extent of their scholarship. In most cases, international students will be responsible for securing additional financial assistance to cover the costs of their doctorate program.

It takes a great deal of time for the scholarship applications to be deliberated. The earlier your application is submitted, the earlier it will be considered. The deadline for these PhD scholarships are final. Late applications won’t be taken under deliberation.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list below provides the departments and some of the names of specific PhD scholarships that the University of Glasgow is offering to their doctorate students.

  • Arts: There are 2 scholarships available.
    • Doctorate in Arts and Humanities
    • AHRC Doctorate Studies
  • Biological and Medical Sciences: There are 41 available scholarships.
    • Decoding the Molecular and Biological Interactions Within Gut Microbiome and the Effects of the Immune System in Autoimmune Diseases
    • Programming Vesicles for RNA Based Drug Delivery
    • Understanding the Adhesive Forces Mediated by Integrin for the Dendrites of T Cell Interactions
  • Business and Finances: There are 2 available scholarships.
    • Doctorate Studies in Business Management and Finances
    • Doctoral Training in Photonic Integrations and Data Storage
  • Chemical Science: There are 35 available scholarships.
    • Understanding the Transmission Biology of Different Disease Vectors Through Emerging Technologies
    • Study Into the Effect of Increasing the Burial Depth and Temperatures for Carbonate Clumped Isotopes
    • Foam Improved Oil Recovery
  • Earth Sciences: There are 17 available scholarships.
    • Understanding the Aerodynamic Response Plants Produce in High Winds
    • Statistical Tools for Landscape Models
  • Engineering: There are 33 available scholarships.
    • Developing New 2D Materials for Biomedical and Electronic Applications
    • The 1st Principle Designs of Functional Biomolecular Devices
  • Humanities: There are 4 available scholarships
    • Doctorate Degree in Arts and Humanities
    • AHRC Studies
  • Math and Computing: There are 18 available scholarships.
    • Statistical Landscape Model for Antibiotic Resistance
    • Controlled Delivery of Therapeutic Medical Implants
  • Physical Sciences: There are 41 available scholarships
    • Integrated Micro Fluid Systems for Cell Sorting
    • Optical Sensing for Industrial Applications
  • Social Science and Health Sciences: There are 15 available scholarships
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Pathogens
    • School of Government and Public Policies



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