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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD Public Policy

Online PhD in Public Policy – an Overview

A PhD in Public Policy could lead to an academic career or a professional career in public service. One Online PhD in Public Policy branch is Doctor of Public Administration, or DPA.

Online PhD in Public Policy Graduation CeremonyIt is awarded as a terminal research degree to public or quasi-public officials at the senior-level managers in federal, state or national level who want to become academics, or in other words – teach, in their chosen field. The difference between a PhD in Public Administration and a Doctor of Public Administration is difficult to recognize because in this field, both the researcher and practitioner essentially share the same functions. The end result of either course is difficult to differentiate except that one student will chose to serve while the other will teach.


Course – Online PhD in Public Policy

This Distance PhD program allows students to work on their degree at their own pace. They are however more suitable for public administration programs because most of the students who take the course are already engaged in public administration work and have first hand information about the subjects. While a normal PhD public policy course takes 3-5 years of full time study, an online PhD in Public Policy could take longer depending on the individual student’s capabilities and the amount of time put into it.

Prerequisites – Online PhD in Public Policy

Prerequisites for a PhD or Doctorate degree are: a Master’s degree in public policy studies or its professional equivalent and a Graduate Records Exam. Foreign students must have completed of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and for DPA students, a record of employment in public office could be an advantage.


Online Phd in Public Policy ceremonyPhD Public Policy programs geared towards public administration touch subjects in political science, administrative law, public finance management, social studies and financial economics – the very subjects one must know when serving in a public office. Public policy touches on environmental policy, public health & social welfare and law enforcement. With such a broad range of topics to choose from, finding the right program to apply for out of over 300 programs offered by schools becomes a daunting task.

As with all PhD and Online PhD programs, students have to decide on their career path and carefully choose the programs that best supports their chosen career. In order to complete the Online PhD in Public Policy course, students will be required to make a dissertation in their chosen field and defend it before a committee. It is therefore important that the student has firsthand knowledge of the topic at hand.

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