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Online PhD Degree Programs: Online PhD in Planetary and Space Sciences

If you’ve ever looked at the night sky and wondered about the possibility of life on other planets, then you may be interested in earning a research degree in Planetary Science or Space Science. Planetary Science is concerned with the study of planetary systems, in particular of the Solar System; Space Science, on the other hand, is a multi-disciplinary field that studies the universe beyond Earth. If you are a professional currently working in a science-related career, earning a PhD in Space Science or Planetary Science through online PhD degree programs will allow you to shift careers and work in any of the world’s observatories, or in any country’s space program.

In general, candidates for online PhD degree programs in Planetary or Space Science are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related course, such as Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy or Mathematics and demonstrate the capability to conduct advanced research. Several years of work experience in a related field may also be considered as a qualification for entry into the program. If they don’t have the necessary prerequisites, they may be asked to enroll in a Master’s course in a related field before being allowed to apply for the doctorate program. Candidates are also asked to submit a brief essay outlining their research proposal.

Scholars in online PhD degree programs are required to write a research paper consisting of an original investigation that makes a significant contribution to the deeper understanding of the dissertation’s subject matter. While candidates may complete coursework entirely online, they will be required to appear on campus to defend their dissertation orally before an examination panel before they are awarded the degree. Other brief on-campus residencies may also be prescribed, depending on the requirements of the program.

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