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158 International PhD Scholarships at University of Southampton UK for 2015-16

The University of Southampton is a research intensive public university. The University of Southampton is located within Southampton, England. The University is associated with the Russell Group and is accredited with being one of the founding members of the association. The University of Southampton is also associated with the European University Association, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The University of Southampton has been ranked within the top ten of research intensive universities in the UK. The university was awarded its university status in 1952. The university seeks to educate over 23,000 students annually.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Southampton is pleased to award 158 PhD scholarships for various disciplines. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and the students with the most promise and merit will be awarded scholarships.

These scholarships cover the program fees for all students. Domestic students will be qualified for an annual stipend to help cover living expenses. International students may qualify for smaller stipends if funding allows. The duration of these PhD scholarships last from 3-6 years depending on the individual project and discipline. Each of these PhD scholarships are subject to their own set of rules, requirements, and deadlines. It is important for the student to check the deadline for their prospective scholarship to ensure that the school receives everything it needs.

The List of PhD Scholarships

The list below provides the different disciplines that are offering PhD scholarships. Some of these scholarships are a part of one or more different disciplines and the scholarships listed are just some of the few offered at the University of Southampton.

Biological and Medical Science: 48 scholarships

  • 3D Analysis of Lymphatic Network Structures and Relationships in Lungs
  • Print a Pill: 3D Printing Approaches Formulating Pharmaceuticals

Business and Finance: 4 scholarships

  • Characterizing Engineered Adaptations in Delta
  • Agent Based Modelling of High Frequency Traders

Chemical Science: 59 scholarships

  • Large Scale Quantum Chemistry Simulations of Organic Photovoltaics
  • Molecular Simulations of Nano-pores in DNA Sequencing

Earth Science: 23 scholarships

  • Biological Nitrogen Removal by Anammox Granular Sludge
  • Agent Based Models to Determine if Homeowners Behavior and Willingness to Pay for Protection When Living on Eroding Coastline

Engineering: 120 scholarships

  • Microfluidic Devices for Applications in Biomedical Science: Droplet Based Screening Platform for Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Predicting MS/MS Fragmentation Using Density Function Theory Calculation

Humanities: 6 scholarships

  • A Typical Day for Road Work
  • Modelling Human Migration in Deltas Under Changing Environmental Conditions

Math and Computing: 68 scholarships

  • Security Minded Approach to Design, Implantation, and Operation of Smart Systems in Railway Infrastructures
  • Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimisation of Air Vehicles

Physical Science: 87 scholarships

  • Aerodynamics of High Speed Train and Bridge System in Gusts
  • Manipulation of Wall Turbulence Using Arrays of Synthetic Jets

Social Science and Health: 25 scholarships

  • Examination of Healthy and Diseased Bone at the Cellular Level to Inform Computational Modelling of Bone Mechanotransduction
  • Measuring and Predicting Soft Tissue Strain Following Lower Limb Amputation


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