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63 PhD Scholarships at University of Liverpool UK

The University of Liverpool is a public based university located within Liverpool, England. The school was originally established in 1882 as a university college. It later became the University of Liverpool in 1903. The University of Liverpool participates in many different intensive research groups such as the Russell Group and is ranked prestigiously amongst other similar universities. The University of Liverpool anticipates housing over 21,000 students annually.

The University of Liverpool is pleased to be offering numerous PhD scholarships for applicants wishing to enter into a research project or doctorate at the university. These PhD scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to the best candidates that meet all the requirements set by the university as well as the individual PhD scholarship.

These PhD scholarships award tuition fees for their full time doctoral programs. These scholarships also include a generous stipend that is paid in small monthly payments that is intended to be used for living allowances and to fund other miscellaneous expenses. The tenure of these PhD scholarships is 3-4 years. This is the average amount of time that applicants are required to complete their full doctoral training.


  • Applicants will be asked to submit a completed research proposal. This research proposal will be the detailed outline of the predicted research path that the applicant will be undertaking.
  • Applicants must submit all previous academic transcripts and other documents to help demonstrate their own academic merit.
  • International applicants will be submitted to additional charges and will be required to undertake language assessments if applicable to their case.

Unless stated otherwise it is to be assumed that these scholarships all have open deadlines. Applicants are encouraged to remember that the earlier a submission the more time the university has to consider them.

The PhD Scholarship List

This article includes a list of all the academic departments in the school that are offering PhD scholarships. Included in this list are some of the individual PhD scholarships.

The Department of Chemistry: 4

The Department of Mathematical Science: 2

The Department of Physics: 2

The Faculty of Science and Engineering: 23

  • Advanced Controls for Dynamically Sub-Structured Systems
  • Assessments of Natural Water Retention Measurements in Reducing Flood Risks
  • Integrated Computational Environment for Strategic and Sustainable Life Cycle Management

The Institute of Integrative Biology: 28

  • Exploring New Methods for Protein Structure Predictions
  • Identification and Structuring of Binding Site for S100P and Tubulin
  • Coping with Unpredictable Environments and the Parental Role and Development of Factors in Nature Adaption and Anthropogenic Stressors in Fish: Deadline 11th of January

The Institute of Psychology, Health and Society: 1

The School of Engineering: 4

Non Specified University Scholarship: 1

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