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Online PhD Degree Programs: Accreditation of Malaysian Universities

Higher education in Malaysia is regulated through the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act of 1996, which placed all such institutions under the supervision of the government. Academic programs offered by private higher educational institutions (PHEIs), including Online Doctorate Degree Programs, must be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The MQA uses the Malaysian Quality Framework (MQF) as a basis for setting the standards for accreditation. Prior to the enactment of the relevant legislation, however, there was no national framework for accreditation and higher educational institutions just needed to be registered by the Ministry of Education.

The MQF is a system of qualifications for post-secondary and higher education institutions that was adopted in 2007. The Framework is intended to enhance the clarity of qualification standards, make the process of recognition and equivalency easier, guide the development of curricula, and most importantly, boost the confidence of local and foreign stake-holders in the qualifications given by Malaysian higher educational institutions.

The MQF divides qualifications into three sectors: skills, where institutions grant skills diplomas and certificates; vocational and technical, where certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas are conferred; and the higher education sector, which awards bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees, including those earned through Online Doctorate Degree Programs.

Students searching for reputable Online Doctorate Degree Programs offered by Malaysian colleges and universities can visit the official website of the MQA, where it has posted a list of approved courses offered by public and private higher education institutions in the country. However, it should be noted that just because a particular course appears on their list does not mean the MQA vouches for its quality; it just means the course has fulfilled certain minimum criteria.

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