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64 International PhD Scholarships at University of Sheffield UK for 2015-16

The University of Sheffield is a public research university located within South Yorkshire, England. The school was first established in 1828 as a medical school and became a university in 1905. The university is respected highly for its quality of research and is ranked within the top 100 best universities around the world according to many university ranking systems. The university is home to over 27,000 students.

The PhD Scholarships

The University of Sheffield is contented to be able to offer financial assistance in the arrangement of 64 PhD scholarships. These PhD scholarships are all awarded based on merit either academic, professional, personal, or a combination of the three. These PhD scholarships are intended to be awarded to the most qualified candidate regardless of their personal financial situation and is open to all qualifying candidates. The University of Sheffield comes with a prestigious backing and only accepts the most qualified of students.

This PhD scholarship awards UK citizens with a full scholarship that covers the cost of fees and tuition as well as provides a generous £18,000 stipend. Students who are a part of the European Union who have lived in the UK for at least three previous years will be awarded the same scholarship opportunity as UK citizens. For all other students who do not meet these requirements such as international students the PhD scholarship will only cover the cost of tuition and fees. In extreme cases funding has been made available to provide some unique PhD scholarships that allow international students to also receive stipends but those scholarships are extremely competitive and are only awarded in extreme circumstances. The duration of these PhD scholarships is the duration of a full time PhD program or 3-4 years.

Unless it is otherwise stated it is to be assumed that all of these PhD scholarships have open deadlines. This means that there is not a set deadline for applications and that applications will be accepted up until the program of choice starts.

The List of PhD Scholarships

In the list below are all the disciplines offering PhD scholarships at the university. Along with this list are some of the names of the individual scholarships.

Biological and Medical Science: 15 PhD scholarships.

Arts: 7 scholarships.

Chemical Science: 8 scholarships.

Business and Finances: 28 PhD scholarships.

  • Journalism Studies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Finances

Humanities: 17 PhD scholarships

  • Biblical Studies
  • Speaking Out in Organizational Climates of Silence

Earth Science: 2 scholarships.

Engineering: 8 scholarships

Math and Computing: 8 scholarships.

Social Science and Health: 28 PhD scholarships

  • Disabilities and Work A Comparison of European Countries
  • The Housing Crisis and Examine if Crowdfunding Can Help

Physical Science: 7 scholarships.

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