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PhD Scholarship Programs – University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It has been imparting education to students from a long time. It has also been contributing in the field of research since then. The research conducted at Aberdeen University has been classified as international. The University has a multi-disciplinary approach which helps a student to develop new standards of research. According to Research Assessment Exercise it was ranked in top 20 universities of UK. It supports its research scholars financially by providing PhD scholarship programs. University has professionally qualified experts as faculty who provides a stimulating environment for the students to conduct their research.

University of Aberdeen is providing PhD scholarship programs in various discipline including the Internet Engineering and arts and Social science. The University has a dot.rural research hub which helps the students by providing fully funded scholarship in Internet Engineering. The University understands the importance of Internet and helps in exploring the new fields related to internet and its technologies. The student will conduct their research together as a team member with computer scientists, students, software engineers. The wider is the area of knowledge the better will be the result. The research students would build two pilot systems together with the team with exemplar applications. The PhD scholarship program helps a student for 3.5 years and covers the tuition fee and the maintenance fee. It is open for international students as well at the home rate.

A student can also apply for PhD scholarship program in the College of Arts and Social Science. The college supported six new research projects and provided 60 scholarships to the students in the last academic year. There are three major types of scholarship to which a research student can apply.

  1. AHRC scholarship – it is a fully funded scholarship program. It covers the tuition fee and the maintenance fee. Usually available for students from UK. All the students who want to apply for AHRC scholarship need to apply it along with the postgraduate application form. The last date for receiving the application for current academic year is 6th April 2012. The subjects in which it is available for current academic year i.e. 2012-13 are Divinity and Religious studies, English language and Literature, French language and Culture, history, History of Art, Architecture and Design, Law and linguistic. The number of scholarship awarded may differ each year.
  2. Research Project Award Scheme- the college of Arts and Social Science awards PhD scholarship programs according to the research themes. These research themes may be Emergence of Scientific culture, memory commemoration and community, religion and politics in contemporary world and Translating cultures. Depending upon the progress of the student, the scholarship is awarded for 3 years.
  3. CASS funding – The students having high merit and whose area does not fall under the above two scholarship program can go for College of Arts and Social Science college funding. The selection of the students for scholarship is totally at the discretion of the college panel. It may or may not cover the tuition fee. All the students who want to apply for CASS funding are required to submit their application together with the research proposal, transcripts and references by 6th of April 2012.

The PhD scholarship programs are awarded purely on the basis of academic excellence and the need of the student. However any student can apply for the scholarship program.

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