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Doctor of Education – Importance and Selection

Education professionals who would like to qualify for leadership positions in their organization should consider earning a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree. While it is equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Education, it differs in several respects depending on the country in which it is earned.

Doctor of Education University College LondonThe Ed.D is considered a terminal degree, meaning it is the highest degree that can be given in any field of study. The first Ed.D degree was given in 1920 at Harvard University, in response to the expressed need for more educational practitioners to be able to earn their doctorates. In the UK, however, the first Ed.D was only awarded by the University of Bristol in 1992; by 1998, however, 29 more British universities were offering the doctorate. Today, many universities are offering Ed.D degrees through online PhD UK programs including University of Leicester, University College London and Kingston University.

Doctor of Education – Degrees

Doctor of Education University of LeicesterThe Ed.D degree is generally acknowledged as a qualification for administrative or specialized positions in educational organizations, or higher-level professional posts in the Education industry in general, such as principal or superintendent of schools. Many education professionals in the UK in fact earn their Ed.D degrees through distance PhD in UK since they are generally too busy to attend regular on-campus classes.

Career Options after Doctor of Education

Doctorate holders are also generally seen as more qualified for greater leadership responsibilities in educational institutions, making them more likely to be promoted to more senior positions. In the UK and Ireland, a Doctor of Education, even one earned through online PhD UK programs, is a prerequisite for appointment to universities as a lecturer or professor.

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