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Online PhD Degree Programs-Michigan State University

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Michigan State University – Background

Today’s blog of online PhD Degree Programs is about an American university, offering distance PhDs in Science and technology related subject areas. The Michigan State University is founded in 1855 and is host to 200 areas of study. The academics of the university are being honed in 14 colleges for more than 40,000 students, 20 per cent of which are at the graduate level.

Online PhD Degree Programs at Michigan State University

Located in one of the most progressive states of America, the Michigan State University has jumped on the online wagon, utilizing the internet in their quest to fulfill the education needs of those who live very far and those who are too busy to attend a classroom lecture. Today, Michigan State University is offering Online and Distance PhD Programs in various subjects including:

1. Ph.D. in Beam Physics
2. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
3. Ph.D. in Nursing Practices

Online PhD Degree Programs in Beam Physics

For more than a decade now, the Michigan State University has been offering online PhD programs in Beam Physics. The spring of 1997 was the time this program was started with just a degree on the basics in beam physics. But as time goes by, they have expanded their coverage until the advanced studies of the course. Now, there are three online courses in Beam Physics: The Introduction to Beam Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Particle Accelerators of the World, plus several reading courses.

Online PhD in Beam Physics – Course Layout

The Department of Physics and Astronomy in cooperation with the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory are the institutions responsible for partaking education with the various students who came from all over the world. A broad scope of research programs and specialization has been made available to the students. This distance learning education is available through the WebCOSY system, an online-based system that is used to supervise the homework and other course management programs. It also has the unique ability of processing the submission of the students and grades each of them.

Online PhD in Beam Physics – Admission Requirements

With regular admission requirements, completion of online PhD program in Beam Physics requires various graduate exams in four core subjects in physics with coursework and submission (and defense) of last research dissertation.

Online PhD Degree Programs in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology

This program is ideal for busy individual with IT and Computing backgrounds. Duration of this PhD is minimum of 5 years with Seminars in Educational Psychology, technology and education, Design and data analysis with media related courses. The last two years will be entirely allocated for Dissertation writing. After this PhD, you will able to apply for leadership roles in K-12 Schools (as a head of their IT Department etc), Virtual schools and IT Departments in University and Higher Education institutions.

Online PhD Degree Programs in Nursing Practices

The college of Nursing at Michigan State University offers a distance learning Doctor of Nursing Practice for national and international students. This Program is design to prepare you to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. This leadership program in Nursing will enhance your skills to develop high quality health care systems for ethnically diverse populations. To apply, you must need:
-A complete application form
– copies of your official transcripts
– For international students, your recent TOEFL scores
To get admission, you also need a Masters degree in Nursing and 1 year professional experience as a practice nurse.

In this coming week, with this blog of online PhD Degree programs, we will further investigate about availability of distance PhDs in universities all over world, so visit our blog site regularly.

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