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Online PhD Degree Programs; Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Background

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree is the ideal qualification for business professionals seeking executive positions in their organizations or wanting to pursue careers as consultants. Unlike a Doctor of Philosophy in Business (PhD), a DBA is focused more on application of theory rather than developing new theory, which makes them ideal for application in managerial settings. Both doctorates, however, require substantial amounts of coursework with a heavy emphasis on research, and are also intended to prepare graduates for academic careers.

Doctor of Business Administration – Pre-admission Requirements

In general, entry to a DBA program, whether on-campus or online PhD degree programs, require a Master’s degree in Management or an equivalent field and have several years of professional experience; other admission requirements may be imposed by the specific institution where the doctoral candidate will pursue their degree. Specializations for a DBA include Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems Management and Economics.

A DBA holder typically earns more than business professionals without advanced degrees. The median annual earnings of managers and specialists with a DBA are around $85,240. Having a doctorate also makes it easier for business professionals to find high-paying positions in top organizations or to successfully pursue self-employment options.

Doctor of Business Administration – Job Prospects

Earning a Doctor of Business Administration through online PhD programs is ideal for professionals with full-time careers since it allows them to pursue their studies part-time without having to sacrifice their jobs, although these programs may also require candidates to fulfill brief residency requirements as preparation for their doctoral studies. Online programs are generally also more affordable, which makes post-graduate education less of a financial sacrifice for doctoral candidates.

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