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Online PhD Degree Programs-Online PhD Psychology Programs

Online PhD in Psychology – Significance

In terms of education, there is nothing more prestigious than having a doctorate or doctor philosophiæ, in a given course.

Online PhD in Psychology La Trobe UniversityWhether one has a DA (Doctorate of Arts), or a “research PhD” or “DPhil”, as it is known in some western countries; a doctorate will let a person earn approximately $37,000 more annually than another with a bachelor’s degree. In return, he must put in an extra three to four semesters of full-time study upon completion of the requirements for a Master’s Degree of the same course.

Online PhD in Psychology – Branches

In order to get a Online PhD in Psychology, one has to put in both practical and theoretical studies in the field of choice. PhD Psychology Programs offer clinical psychology, counseling psychology, social psychology, educational psychology, organizational psychology, developmental psychology and research psychology. Please note that Distance PhD programs usually offer only clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, and organizational psychology.

Degree Types – Online PhD in Psychology

Online PhD in Psychology Swinburne University of TechnologyThere are two types of doctorate titles in PhD Psychology Programs: a Psy.D and a PhD on Physchology. While a Psy.D. is the equivalent of a DA, whereby the person is a practitioner first and a scientist second, a “regular” PhD on Psychology means that the person concentrates more on research and lab work. A psychologist must not also be confused with a psychiatrist who has a Medical Degree and can prescribe medication unlike a psychologist who has a more extensive Psychological training and does not employ pharmacotherapy. While both sometimes study mental disorders and provide psychotherapy, a psychologist will refer a patient to a psychiatrist for medication and a psychiatrist will refer a patient to a psychologist for further testing.

Future Prospects

PhD in Psychology Programs allow individuals to work for many multinational companies, NGOs or non-governmental organizations (local and international), government agencies, and intergovernmental organizations (e.g. UN organizations). While it is convenient to acquire a PhD degree online, it is important to research whether the Program in question are accredited by the professional organizations. Accreditation is an important matter in procuring a job because only accredited distance PhD Programs will provide for a meaningful degree. To avoid complete wasting time and money, prospective students are advised to check with the national government’s educational department to see if for Online PhD in Psychology both the university and its accrediting agency are recognized entities.

Universities –

There are various universities offering the distance or online PhD in Psychology including Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and La Trobe University offering Professional Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology.

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