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Online PhD Degree Programs-Accreditation of Universities in Nepal

Online PhD Degrees and Accreditation Process in Nepal

Today’s post is mainly related with online PhD Degrees and accreditation process in Nepal. Nepal has recently been grappling with the challenges of upgrading the quality of its higher education system to align it with the best practices in the international scene. Part of the problem can be traced back to the relative youth of the system; its first college was founded in 1918 and its first university, Tribhuvan University in 1959. Nepal’s first attempt to reform higher education involved the nationalization of community colleges in 1971, which was a dismal failure as far as improving the quality of the tertiary education system was concerned. Other reforms implemented in the past included adopting a multi-university concept by allowing more higher educational institutions to open and the reintroduction of private or community colleges.

Online PhD Degrees and Universities in Nepal

At present there are six universities operating in the country. The responsibility of ensuring the quality of their academic programs, including distance education programs such as online PhD Programs, falls upon the University Grants Commission. The UGC disburses grants to Nepalese HEIs and implements policies related to promoting and enhancing the quality of university education. If you are looking for distance PhD programs from Nepal universities, make sure the programs are recognized by the UGC.

Online PhD Degrees and Professional Councils

Several professional councils are also responsible for overseeing the quality of graduate and post-graduate programs, including online PhD degrees, in specialized colleges and universities. For example, quality standards for medical schools in Nepal are the responsibility of the Nepal Medical Council, which is tasked with formulating policies related to the curriculum, admission and examinations of medical schools, evaluating their institutional systems and academic programs, giving recognition to those that pass and recommending for those who fail that their registration be cancelled.

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