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Online PhD Degree Programs-Central Michigan University

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Online PhD Degree Programs From Central Michigan University

Online PhD Degree Programs Central Michigan University Kulhavi Hall




In this series of articles about online PhD Degree Programs, today we will discus about a recognized American university, offering distance or Off-Campus PhD in “Health Administration”, “Education in Educational Leadership” and “Educational Technology”.

Central Michigan University- Background

Central Michigan University was founded on the year 1892. It is a public, coeducational state university which is situated in Mount Pleasant in the U.S. state of Michigan. It has approximately 28,000 students enrolled and nearly 20,000 are undergraduates. For this reason, the university has been the fourth largest in Michigan. The institution has also off-campus sites located in 15 states and 10 countries and it offers 27 degrees through eight academic divisions to choose from.

The university has few notable highlights in the field of academics, research and athletics. The institution is the only university Michigan that offers undergraduate degree in meteorology. Moreover, CMU is the only university with a bachelor’s degree that focuses on microscopy. Furthermore, it is the only university in Michigan to have a more intensive, interdisciplinary major in public relations that integrates journalism, broadcasting, and communication. In addition, it is the foremost university nationwide to offer a four-year accredited athletic training program.

Fields of Research for Online PhD Degree Programs

Online PhD Degree Programs CMU Park LibraryIn the field of research, CMU is the university that assisted Pentagon in developing filtration technology to eliminate contaminants and hazardous materials from the water. In 2008, it has ranked within the top 20 research institutions from among other universities the category of 16 or fewer doctoral programs. Also, it is one of only two universities in the Midwest to work an island research station, which is the Beaver Island. In addition, it assisted the company, Reebok in using state-of-the-art technology to perform experiments on new NHL uniforms.

Online PhD Degree Programs at Central Michigan University

Presently, Central Michigan University offers masters, PhD and other various degrees for off campus students. CMU offers eight doctorate programs on campus and three online PhD programs through CMU Off-Campus Programs:

  1. Doctor of Health Administration
  2. Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
  3. Doctor of Educational Technology

All three Online PhD Programs have an online delivery format that combines with occasional short face-to-face seminars, yet providing the ultimate mixture of academic firmness and practical flexibility. It is important to point out that these distance or online PhD degree programs are accredited by the American Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Online PhD Degree Programs in Health Administration

The current online PhD degree program in Health Administration has 8 modules, incorporated with 15 internet based courses. An intensive exam will be held at end of this program and the last dissertation to be completed. Apart from this comprehensive curriculum, student also needs to attend regionally-based 6 seminars (two and half days each) during this program. University is currently offering these face-to-face seminars at Atlanta, Detroit and Washington D.C. for USA candidates, and Geneva (Switzerland) for European and other international students. To help for key modules and exam, an experienced advisor will be allocated and last dissertation will be conducted under a professor in the relevant area.

Online PhD Degree Programs –  Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

This PhD program prepares you towards highest levels of administration. With this degree, you will be able develop in depth skills to transform all levels of  education institutions . The main emphasis during this course will be through theory and practice. With this degree in hand, you can choose fields like Dean of students, Enrollment manager, registrar, part of business operations and many more.

Online PhD Degree Programs – Doctor of Educational Technology

This program has 12 online courses with last research dissertation. After this degree, most students can join various fields including educational Developer, University lecturer. online curriculum specialist, university Researcher, learning coordinator and many more. This PhD program doesn’t require you any face to face attendance .

Admission Criteria (For all online PhD Programs) 

If you are planning to get an admission in this off campus PhD, you need a masters degree from a recognized university in the relevant subject area. You also need to prove 5 years of work experience in health management or health policy areas. TOEFL and ECFMG for physicians are compulsory for international students (unless you have prior academic experience in other USA universities or colleges). You also need recommendation letters, career statement and current CV to submit with your application. The last requirement for the admission is a formal interview.

Please note that above article about Online PhD Degree Programs from Central Michigan University only covers some basic and introductory information. If you want further information, please visit official site of Central Michigan University.

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