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Online PhD Degree Programs – Online PhD in Music

Online PhD in Music – Degrees

If you love music but have a more academic interest in it rather than wanting to become a practicing musician, then you should consider taking a doctorate degree in Music. A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Music allows you to pursue a research project leading to a dissertation in a wide range of fields related to the subject, including Popular Music Studies, Musicology and Ethnomusicology. An equivalent doctorate degree is Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), which is an applied degree that prepares graduates for careers as professional musicians. Depending on your specialization, your dissertation may be in the form of a written thesis, a composition, a full-length performance, or any combination of the three options.

Online PhD in Music – Professional Sector for Work

Those with doctorates in Music mostly work in the academic sector as professors in music colleges, although depending on their major field of research they may become researchers in historical music for museums or other institutions. They can also apply their qualifications practically as arrangers for orchestras.

Those who want to pursue advanced studies in Music can choose to take their doctorates through on-campus programs or through online PhD programs. If you have a full-time career as a musician, pursuing a PhD in Music through distance PhD programs allows the scholar to juggle professional and personal responsibilities while working on the doctorate at your own pace.

Online PhD in Music – Prerequisite

A general prerequisite for Online PhD in Music is for the candidate to have a master’s degree in a related field. Depending on your specialization, you may also be asked to provide several samples of your original compositions.

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