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87 International PhD Scholarships at University of East Anglia UK for 2017-18

Please read this article to understand PhD Scholarship opportunities available at East Anglia University UK for 2017-18.


Ranking in the top 3 for student satisfaction, the University of East Anglia is composed of 4 faculties and 26 different fields of study. Being in the top 1 % of the Times Higher Education World Rankings is a very big deal. They can hold their heads high carrying the hat from being the only institute to rank top 5 since the start of the survey. It is a public research university established in 1963. The campus which is located on approximately 320 acres, is southwest of the city of Norwich.

PhD Scholarships and Bursaries for 2017-18

Over 17k students per year enrolled at the University of East Anglia. A public research university who currently has 87 reserved PhD scholarships. That applicant who will be considered is able to handle the competitiveness it takes to achieve this award. The majority of the student time will be strictly for these programs or research projects. Appropriate conduct along with educational performance must be maintained.

If not, grounds for termination of the program. A domestic and international student may apply. Each one will offer to pay tuition. In some cases, a stipend may be available for extra expensive that have accrued. International students are urged to search for additional financial assistance. No late submissions will be accepted. If you want to be considered, have everything submitted before the deadline date.

Below is a analysis of some of the PhD scholarship opportunities made available at this University.

11 PhD Scholarships –Engineering:

  • Neuro-biomechanics of motor recovery after stroke in response to rehabilitation

21 PhD Scholarships –Math and Computing:

  • Cardinal characteristics above the continuum with Dr Aspero
  • Model theory and categories with Dr Kirby

1 PhD Scholarships –Arts:

– Faculty of arts and Humanities PhD scholarships

46 PhD ScholarshipsBiological & Medical Sciences:

  • Colostomy irrigation: harmful or helpful?

2 PhD Scholarships – Business and Finance:

  • Financial stress and university students’ wellbeing with Dr Panagiotaki

31 PhD Scholarships – Chemical Sciences:

  • Structural and biochemical characterisation of the proteasome of Trypanosoma congolense

7 PhD Scholarships –Earth Sciences:

  • Climate governance and policy: new sources of innovation in an era of polycentricity

8 PhD Scholarships –Humanities:

  • Seeing the Light: Computer Vision in the Real World with Prof Finlayson

17 PhD Scholarships – Physical Sciences:

  • Strong jet formation in free-surface flows with Dr Blyth

36 PhD Scholarships – Social Sciences and Health:

  • Colostomy irrigation: harmful or helpful? With Dr Gabrielle Thorpe

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