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Online PhD Degree Programs – Accreditation of Universities in France

Online PhD Degree Programs and French Accreditation for Universities

Ever since France became a signatory to the Bologna Accords in 1999, it has been reforming and reorganizing its higher educational system, both to make it more comparable with other systems of higher education in Europe and to put in place quality control standards. What this means is that foreign students taking online PhD programs from French higher education institutions can be confident that their degrees will be recognized all over Europe as well as in other countries. France has also fully implemented the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to facilitate the recognition of qualifications and transfer of credits earned in educational institutions abroad.

Online PhD Degree Programs and Accreditation Procedure

Reforms established in 2002 mandate self-assessment by private-sector HEIs as well as external evaluation both of the institutions themselves and the degrees and certificates they grant, as well as their research programs, including online PhD degree programs. Periodic external evaluations are conducted by specialized national assessment teams, who are also tasked with drawing up evaluation guidelines. The results of the evaluations are considered during negotiations of the four-year contract between the State and the HEI, as well as when the State is considering applications to authorize specific degrees. Public sector HEIs are assessed by the National Evaluation Committee (CNE).

Online PhD Degree Programs and Subject wise Accreditation

Business, management and engineering degree programs, including online PhD degree programs are assessed by specific national groups. The Engineering Titles Commission (CTI), for example, is legally tasked to grant accreditation to institutions wishing to award the degree of ingénieur diploma or qualified engineer; both the institution and the academic program are evaluated by CTI.

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